What We Do

Founded in 1977, the Tourism Society is where individuals from across all sectors of the Visitor Economy come together (online and offline) for discussion, debate, to share views and knowledge, and to build networks.

The principal benefits and services we offer to our members include:

  • Regular programme of discussion-meetings, debates and symposiums on topics of general and specialist interest
  • Frequent networking opportunities with fellow professionals from all tourism sectors
  • Regional Chapters in Cumbria, Kent, Scotland, Yorkshire, Wales and Brussels
  • Opportunity to join the Tourism Consultants Network, the biggest professional association of tourism experts in Europe (subject to acceptance and payment of a small additional subscription)
  • NEW special interest groups Tourism Society PR Network (TSPRN) and Tourism Society Digital Network (TSDN)
  • Access to up-to-date market intelligence
  • Opportunity to participate in or contribute to the Society’s Think Tank and e-journal
  • E-journal and e-newsletter
  • Invitation as appropriate to apply for Fellowship of the Society, a valued recognition of professional accomplishment
  • Professional development support
  • Annual dinner at the House of Lords (or other prestige venue)

The Society is managed by a Board, elected by the members, and is funded by subscriptions, advertising revenue, meetings income and other contributions and sponsorship.

Our existing membership represents tour operators, hotel chains, PR, marketing and representation companies, tourist attractions, national, regional and local tourist boards, restaurants, trade media, charities, consultants, academics, students and educational establishments, among others.

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The Secretariat

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Alison Cryer 

Head of the Executive Secretariat 
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Maddy Crocker

Association Account Executive 

President of The Tourism Society
​Lord John Thurso

"Celebrating 43 years, the Tourism Society remains relevant and a leader in today's industry"

The Board & Chapter Chairs

Kevin Kaley


Mike Jones

Honorary Treasurer

Roger Goodacre

Chairman TCN

Shaon Talukder 

AGM board nominee 

  John Speers

Board member / Chair TSDN

Brandon Crimes

Board Member - Membership

Phillipa Harris

Board Member - Comms

Julian Zarb

Board Member

Silvia Barbone

Board Member - Chair Europe

Richard Denman

Board Member

Katrina Michel

Board Member

Deidre Wells

Board Member

Anoek Petit

Chair Manchester & NW

John Walsh-Heron

Chairman Wales

Ross Tinsley

Chairman Scotland

John Gallery

Chairman Yorkshire & NE

List of honorary members:
​Christopher Rodrigues, Christine Brown, Clive Jacobs, Taleb Rifai, Lord Tom Pendry, Peter Long, Liz Terry, Harvey Goldsmith, Simon Calder and Sir Rocco Forte.